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North Warwickshire Borough Council agrees budget for 2023/24 and new Council tax is set

Published on Friday, 10th March 2023

Council Tax 2023/24

At a Full Council meeting on 22 February 2023, councillors agreed to increase Council Tax for all household’s equivalent to an increase of 2.95%.

This has produced a Band D Council Tax amount of (excluding parish precepts) £228.86 in respect of North Warwickshire Borough Council, £1653.57 in respect of Warwickshire County Council, and £276.71 in respect of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Warwickshire.

The 10.34% proportion of the council tax received by North Warwickshire Borough Council in 2023-24 has increased by £6.56 which works out at less than 13p a week for a band D property.

North Warwickshire Borough Council only keep 10.34%. The rest is shared between Warwickshire County Council (66.03%), plus a separate (8.67%) to support to adult social care), the Warwickshire Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (12.50%) and various Parish Councils (2.46%).

Leader of the Council, Cllr David Wright said, “The Borough Council has worked hard to limit the impact on households where possible and are mindful of the current cost-of-living pressures and the potential impact an increased rate could have on council taxpayers. However, we must also consider the need to provide ongoing funding for our services, so we can continue to deliver the services our residents need and expect."