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If you take the time to use our Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down rating on our pages please tell us what you were looking for, what's missing, incorrect etc in the comments box other wise we can't correct it. If you are telling us about a problem or asking us a question, please leave some contact details!

You said, we did

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Replacement Bins

Not an easy form e.g. dog required scrolling back 47 years to achieve date.i didn't text would be preferable

Easy service until you get to the date of birth question and have to scroll back month by month for 40 years rather than be able to manually select a year, month day sensibly or override having to use the calendar.

Fields have been changed to day month year to reduce the need for scrolling
Fly tipping, Litter, Fly posting, Dead Animals, Graffiti and Syringes - Problem Report

the geo location error has given you a bad location it was not in Charnwood!

Did not allow me to give information relevant to the report
Map has been edited and now centres in Atherstone
New local plan

"What is your definition of a meaningful gap?

We appreciate you do not respond to each response but how do we know that emails do not go un-noticed in a spam folder, and that letters are delivered and taken in? Acknowledgement IS required.".

Our Forward Planner will address the 'meaingful gap' part of your question. Unfortunately we cannot acknowledge your comment as you haven't left any contact details. If you require a confirmation of receipt from the council the best way would be to use our Contact Us online form; this gives you a receipt number (Acknowledgement). 
Missed bins why is there no direct telephone number to report on? Because you're on our website and there is a form that gathers all the necessary information on the page. It's much cheaper for us if you use our website and don't call, we're trying to save the Council and therefore you as a citizen, money. Each phone transaction costs us £2.83 while Online is only 14p.
Animal and pet licensing I wanted to know who is licensed to board animals Added a register of licensed Animal boarders, home boarders and dog day care
Contacting us Can't find the opening hours Added the opening hours for Contact Centre and One Stop Shop
Report missed bin Link doesn't work If you go to our Report a missed bin form and it's blank you've probably got 'Private browsing' on. Find out how to switch off 'Private browsing' on an iphone, ipad or ipod touch. and other appliances.


Last updated Wednesday, 7th November 2018

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You said, we did