Zero Tolerance Policy

North Warwickshire Borough Council Zero Tolerance Policy

  • North Warwickshire Borough Council has a ‘zero tolerance’ policy to address any issues of violence, aggression or unacceptable behaviour directed towards Council employees.  The Council is delivering a clear message to the public that violence and aggression towards any Council employee is unacceptable.
  • Violence, aggression and unacceptable behaviour
  • Violence and aggression at work can be interpreted as ‘any incident in which a person is abused, threatened or assaulted in circumstances relating to their work’
  • Physical assault is ‘the intentional application of force from one person to another, without lawful justification, resulting in physical injury, personal discomfort or damage to property’
  • Non-physical assault or verbal aggression is ‘the use of inappropriate words either verbally or in writing (including social media, emails and web chat) or any other behaviour which causes alarm, distress and/or could be described as harassment’
  • Persistent unacceptable behaviour refers to behaviour within either one contact or a number of separate contacts over an undefined period of time
  • Zero tolerance
  • North Warwickshire Borough Council will not accept or tolerate any violence or aggression towards its employees and any such act or behaviour will result in appropriate action or sanctions. Our Zero Tolerance Policy is applicable to all channels and contact types.