How to report a missed bin collection

Sometimes we won't collect a bin because:

  • It was not your collection day. Please check your scheduled collection day - you can search using your postcode (don't forget the space CV9 1DE), house, farm or building name or street
  • It contains the wrong items (we will leave a notice on your bin)
  • It was not put out for collection for 6.30 am on collection day
  • You put out the wrong bin for collection
  • Your bin was too heavy to move or too heavy for the lifting mechanism
  • There was something blocking our access to your bin
  • Snow/weather conditions prevented us from collecting your bin
  • Roadworks prevented us collecting your bin
  • A vehicle broke down, preventing us from collecting your bin

If your bin was genuinely missed (that is, none of the reasons listed above apply) you can report it as missed.

We will not revisit to collect missed bins, but you must tell us it has been missed so we can stop it happening again. Your bin will be emptied on your next scheduled collection day along with up to three bags of side waste. We will only collect side waste if you have informed us your bin was missed.

If your recycling or garden and food waste bin was missed please put side waste in an untied bag or suitable container.

What can't I put in my bins?

Report a missed bin

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Help moving your containers

If you genuinely have difficulty in moving your bins and there is no one else in the household who could help, we can provide an assisted collection.