How to invite the Mayor

Write to the address below, email or apply online, giving brief details of the event, as well as the date, time and venue. If a Mayor from another Parish/Borough has also been invited, this must be mentioned in the invitation. When received, the Mayor's Secretary will check the Mayor's availability. If the Mayor is unable to attend, the invitation is extended to the Deputy Mayor. You will be advised in writing as to whether attendance by the Mayor/Deputy is possible. If the Mayor/Deputy is able to attend, a standard questionnaire will also be sent to you. The questionnaire should be returned as soon as possible and not later than 14 days before your event takes place. When writing, you should address your letter to The Mayor of North Warwickshire.

The opening address should read "Dear Mr/Madam Mayor".

Address: North Warwickshire Borough Council, The Mayor's Parlour, The Council House, South Street, Atherstone, North Warwickshire CV9 1DE



Invite the Mayor