What is the Gateway Service?

The Gateway service provides an independent, free and confidential service providing a single point of access to older peoples services and where relevant a signposting service to other relevant agencies to meet identified individual needs.

The typical referral profile that benefits form the service is an older frail person who does not meet the requirement for social care intervention or support or those who have been assessed and then re-abled following a social care intervention.

How does the Gateway Service help Older People?

Older people are able to quickly and easily gain access to a range of preventative services that will provide support to increase independence and wellbeing.

How does the Gateway work?

The Gateway service facilitates a telephone call to individuals to discuss and assess their specific needs, the telephone assessment is undertaken by experienced Age UK Warwickshire staff and looks at all aspects of life including:

  • Money and Finance
  • Looking after yourself
  • Accommodation
  • Getting around
  • Your safety
  • Staying healthy
  • Mental health and wellbeing

If a call is inappropriate the service can visit and carry out the assessment face to face in the home environment.

Once needs are assessed the Gateway team will facilitate the required services or signpost an older person to the support and help they need to remain safe and independent in their own home. The team will also inform of other services and solutions that may be of assistance in the future.

Who can access the Gateway Service?

Referrals to the service are welcomed by hospital based discharge teams, health and social care professionals, GP's and front line County council staff including Elected Members.

How do I contact the Gateway Service?

Mental health and wellbeing

There are a range of mental health and wellbeing services and support available across Warwickshire that can help you to improve your wellbeing and support you during difficult times.