Injunction Documents

Trial Documents uploaded on 6th June 2024

Trial of North Warwickshire Borough Council v Cohen and others (Case Number: QB-2022-001236) to take place on 11 June 2024

Application dated 20th February 2024

15.02.2024 Draft Order - NWBC

Application dated 6 December 2023 - amended 

K B order - NWBC vs Baldwin and others amended 22nd January 2024

Kingsbury - 2nd Witness Statement of Steve Maxey 

2nd witness statement of Steve Maxey January 2024

Application dated 6 December 2023

K B Order - NWBC vs Baldwin and others

Application dated 29 November 2023

Statement 1 September 2023

Serving a copy of the following statement dated 1 September 2023 on the 31st, 62nd, 64th, 73rd, 77th, 87th, 107th, 109th, 112th, 142nd and 155th Defendants (for whom the Claimant does not have any contact details).

CHV Statement - Further Evidence 

Order 8 August 2023

The Order gives a power of arrest outside the terminal and at the junctions of the roads leading into the zone. A copy of the order will be placed prominently at the entrance to the terminal.

NWBC Hand Down Judgement - judgement handed down on 14th July 2023

Final Hearing

Application to High Court March 2023

Court Papers and High Court Injunction;

Return hearing 5th May Birmingham Civil Justice Centre