Affordable Warmth in North Warwickshire

Affordable warmth is the ability to heat your home enough for comfort without getting into fuel debt as a result. Inadequate heating can lead to discomfort, damp from condensation and poor health.

If you are a homeowner or tenant you can get free advice on keeping warm at home. You can also find out if you are eligible for any grants or assistance - these will not affect any of your current benefits.

The Government requires energy companies to use some of their profits to help reduce energy use. The companies subsidise about half the cost of insulating your home and you pay the rest unless you are on benefits.
If you live in the North Warwickshire area just contact your:

Local Energy Advice Centre (Act on Energy):
Call us on: 0800 988 2881 - this is a freephone number
Write to: Act On Energy Freepost Mid 17638, Warwick, CV35 9BR

Visit us at: 

Please call us especially if you have:

  • health problems made worse by cold, damp or condensation
  • a home that is draughty or cold
  • high fuel bills

Hot Tips!

How to keep warm and save money

  • Close the curtains at dusk to keep the heat in
  • Don’t leave electrical items on stand by
  • Use the right sized saucepan and lid when cooking
  • Use low energy lightbulbs - they are 5 times more efficient and last 10 times longer
  • Always wash a full load in your washing machine and dishwasher
  • Avoid drying clothes indoors as it causes condensation
  • Only boil as much water in the kettle as you need
  • Ensure your hot water cylinder is insulated

By following these tips and insulating your home you can dramatically reduce the heat loss from your property and save money on your bills.
Insulating cavity walls may save you 25% off your annual fuel bill and will reduce carbon emissions. This means that you will be doing your bit to help the environment.

For free advice on keeping warm at home call your local Efficiency Advice Centre on: 0800 988 2881 - this is a freephone number

The Energy Efficiency Advice Centre (Act on Energy) works in partnership with a range of agencies including:

Age Concern Information Line: 01827 717172

Trained advisors can help you with money matters such as benefits and pension checks. They will tell you if you can get extra money for energy efficiency in your home and discuss availability of fuel and energy grants. You can make an appointment to see an advisor
at the centre, but if you cannot get there an advisor may be able to visit you at home.This service is free to anyone aged 55 and over.

The council works with local companies to help with repairs e.g. roof, kitchen, bathroom and access work if you are eligible. This is repayable when you sell the
property, but there is no interest and you only pay back the cost of the work.

North Warwickshire Citizens advice Bureau
Tel: 0844 499 4172

Citizens Advice Bureau can help with maximizing your income, minimizing your expenditure and helping people to manage their everyday bills such as fuel.
This leaflet is provided by North Warwickshire Affordable Warmth Steering Group which includes the following partners:

Action energy, CAB, CDA, NHS