Council licensing team urges residents to check that any boarding facility they are considering for their dog is licensed.

The time of year is quickly approaching when many families start to think about heading off for holidays and there is the need for your family dog to be well looked after whilst you enjoy your break.

North Warwickshire Borough Council's Licensing team strongly advise you do not leave your beloved pet anywhere that doesn't hold a licence, whether that be in kennels or with a home boarder.

Home boarding offers an alternative service which is different to kennelling or pet sitting. Your dog will live in their home whilst you're away and will have access to a safe and secure garden or outside space and be walked daily.

Most home boarders will be happy to take your dog for as long as you need which will include overnight stays. Home boarders will be insured and must be licensed by the Council.

The licence ensures the house and the carers have been vetted and are regularly inspected to ensure your dog’s needs can be fully met. A licensed boarder also has to display their licence on the premises where it can easily be seen. If you cannot see a licence, or they are unable to produce one, ask yourself are they actually licensed. A licensed boarder must also be registered with a vet and have an emergency health care plan in place should your dog become ill.

Sharon Gallagher, Environmental Health and Licensing manager at North Warwickshire Borough Council, said: "There are many great options for people to ensure their pets are well looked after whilst they are one their holidays. However, it's important to confirm they are licensed to ensure your pet gets the best possible care.

"Dogs are huge parts of people's families, and the council acknowledges this. That is why we need to do everything in our power to keep these pets safe and secure, whether they're at home or with a registered carer."

If you see people advertising a boarding facility for dogs, please ensure you check they hold the appropriate licence before you leave your family pet there. There are a number of websites advertising home boarders or boarding kennels but many of these websites do not check that the correct licence is in place before they publish the home boarder or boarding kennels details.

If you have any concerns about someone advertising as a home boarder or boarding kennel or wish to check to make sure someone is licensed then please contact the Licensing team at .

While we are not able to recommend a boarder we can reassure you that they are licensed.

Published: Tuesday, 21st May 2024