Business waste collection

North Warwickshire Borough Council operates a paid for trade waste collection service for businesses and organisations. Our service is local, cost effective and reliable; you can trust that we will dispose of your waste responsibly.

Apply HERE for Trade Waste Services

What do you collect?

Recycling and/or trade waste (rubbish).

Trade waste container sizes and capacity
Container Length Width Height
1 sack (standard black bag size. 1 only collected, any more than 1 you must have a bin. Roll of sacks provided.      
240 litres bin - equivalent to 3 sacks 2' 5.25" /  738mm 1' 11" / 575mm 3' 8" / 1100mm
660 litres bin - equivalent to 8.25 sacks 4' 2.5" / 1263mm 2' 7" / 775mm 3' 10.5" / 1163mm
1100 litres bin - equivalent to 13.75 sacks - MAX WEIGHT 100KG 4' 7.25" / 1382mm 3' 7" / 1075mm 4' 10" / 1450mm

How often do you collect?

Weekly or fortnightly collection frequency to suit you.

Payment options

Pay yearly in advance or by monthly direct debit - charges run from 1 April to 31 March and will be charged pro rata if you apply part way through the year.

When will the bin or bins be delivered?

Normally 10 working days.

If I sign up for the service when can I expect a collection?

Normally your first collection will be in 10 working days

What time are the bins collected?

Collections start at 06:45

What can I put in my trade recycling bin?

Trade Recycling

Access requirements

Codes for gates, key required, bin location etc. will be asked during the sign up process.

Extra collections

We have ‘in the area’ and ‘out of area’ charges. If you can wait until your normal collection day it is less expensive. However, for an ‘out of area’ extra collection we must first check if the driver can visit another day in the week depending on his schedule – he cannot always visit on a different day to the normal collection day.