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Purposes of the processing

The Council will process your personal information supplied with your complaint or compliment to contact you to help respond to your complaint or compliment. Your information will only be shared with the relevant officers who may be involved in the investigation of your complaint. Details of your complaint will be kept confidential within the scope of the complaint investigation.

Compliments will be shared with the relevant departments who you have made the compliment about and may also be reported to Senior Management within the Council and to appropriate Boards.

If your complaint is referred to the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman or the Housing Ombudsman the Council may be requested to share details of your complaint with the appropriate Ombudsman.

The Council will process your information relating to complaints and compliments for your legitimate interest.

The Council will usually only need you to provide your name, address and contact information by telephone or email. In some cases complaints may include information you provide which is sensitive and is classified as special categories. For example some complaints may include information about your personal circumstances including health related matters. The Council will make specific arrangements to ensure that this information is protected and only provided to the relevant officers involved with the investigation of your complaint.

The Council will keep records of the complaints and compliments received for no longer than 7 years in line with our Records Retention and Disposal Policy.

Your Rights

Your rights set out in the Data Protection Bill are applicable to the processing of your information for complaints and compliments. You can withdraw your consent for the processing of your personal information as part of a complaint investigation or submitting a compliment at any stage of the processing. This may limit the Council’s ability to inform you about the outcome of your complaint investigation. The Council will process your information and investigate your complaint as a public task in your public interest.

The Council will regularly review this privacy notice to take into account any changes in the processing of information and any changes in legislation.

Data Protection Officer

If you would like to discuss your rights regarding information held by the Council please contact our Data Protection Officer

Address: The Council House, South Street, Atherstone, Warwickshire CV9IDE

Telephone: 01827719251

Complaints and Compliments

Address: The Council House, South Street, Atherstone, Warwickshire, CV9IDE

Telephone: 01827715341

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