Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) and trees in conservation areas

About Tree Preservation Orders (TPO)

Tree Preservation Orders are used to protect trees of a high amenity value or which have a significant impact on the environment. Where a TPO is made, under Section 198 of the Town & Country Planning Act 1990, we must identify the tree(s) protected by the order on a location plan.

For advice about whether a particular tree is protected, or copies of TPOs (subject to the Council's Fees and Charges schedule) you can email with the address and tree details. Your enquiry will usually be addressed within a few working days, but may take longer. Copies of TPO's can be obtained subject to a charge.

Works to trees covered by TPO

Once an order has been made, our consent is required before a tree may be pruned or felled. In certain circumstances, it may be agreed that pruning or removal may be permitted in order to accommodate development, but the TPO enables the council to control these actions and to obtain new planting to replace trees which are removed. Advice on the type of works can be viewed here.

You can apply online or obtain a form to apply here. There is no fee involved.

Works to trees within a conservation area

All trees above 75mm diameter in Conservation Areas are also subject to protection. Anyone wishing to fell, prune or uproot trees in a conservation area must give the Council six weeks' notice, unless they form a hazard to public safety or are already covered by a TPO.

You can give notice of your intention to carry out work using the same form as undertaking works to trees covered by a TPO. You can apply by using the relevant application form.

Further guidance on tree protection

More details of the procedures for protecting trees can be found on the National Planning Practice Guidance website

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Types of works to trees