Vote anonymously if you're in danger. The Government has introduced a system of anonymous registration.

Requirements for anonymous registration

  • All applications must meet the normal requirements for registration (age, nationality, residence, not disqualified)
  • All applications must satisfy the Electoral Registration Officer that their safety or that of any other person in the same household would be at risk if their details were made public
  • Applicants must give a reason for their application and documentary evidence or an attestation in support of this reason.

How do I apply to register anonymously?

Application forms are available from the main Council Offices in Atherstone - The Council House, South Street, Atherstone, Warwickshire, CV9 1BD or you can contact the Electoral Registration Office on (01827) 719450.  Alternatively you can download a copy of the application form below.

Download Anonymous Registration Form

What evidence do I need to support my application?

  • A court order or injunction which is for the protection of or benefit of the applicant or someone in the household
  • A signed attestation by a qualified officer - 
  • A qualified officer is:
  • the Chief Officer of Police of any police force in England and Wales; the Chief Constable of any police force in Scotland or the Police Service of Northern Ireland;
  • Director General of the Security Services or the Serious Organised Crime Agency; or the
  • Director of Adult Social Services or Children's Services in England, a Director of Social Services in Wales or a Chief Social Work Officer in Scotland
  • A copy of a court order or an attestation and proof of address that the applicant is in the same household as the subject of that attestation. 

Electoral Registration Office

01827719226 / 01827719237

Telephone: 01827719221