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Unadopted roads

An unadopted road is a road which the Local Highway Authority (Warwickshire County Council) has no duty to maintain. The maintenance of unadopted roads, often referred to as private streets, remains the responsibility of the landowner.

The services that North Warwickshire Borough Council provides for residents of council owned unadopted roads are:

  • Street lighting
  • Street and road gully cleaning
  • Repairs to pavements and roads
  • Road markings
  • Street furniture

These roads will be subjected to regular safety inspections to monitor the condition and ensure that they are structurally sound. If necessary, repairs will be organized and carried out with minimal inconvenience to local residents.

New Developments

New developments usually need to link in with the existing highway network. New roads and their links to the network tend to be constructed by the developer and then later become the responsibility of the Highway authority through a process called adoption. However the responsibility of maintaining new estate roads prior to adoption would rest with the relevant developer.

Last updated Thursday, 9th April 2020

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