Introduction to equality and diversity

These pages contain information about the Council's approach to equality and diversity.

North Warwickshire Borough Council wants to deliver high quality services in a fair and equal way to all sections of the community.

The Council is committed to reflecting the full diversity of the community we serve and promoting our role as an employer, service provider, purchaser of goods and services and community leader without discrimination.

To this aim we will shape all our services and employment practices to make sure that we are fully supporting the right to live free from discrimination, victimisation, and harassment in an area which gives all persons the best possible environment in which to live and work.

The Council aims to:

  • Promote Equality
  • Respect and value diversity
  • Engage with communities and individuals to ensure there is fair access to our services
  • Provide services that respect and take account of individual needs
  • Oppose all forms of unfair discrimination on the grounds of Race Disability Gender, age religious belief marital status, sexual orientation, social or economic status
  • Raise awareness through a trained workforce committed to shared values to equality and diversity