Frequently Asked Questions

When do I have to pay my council tax? You can pay by 10 or 12 monthly instalments. Instalments are due on the 1st of each month (unless you are paying by Direct debit). If you wish to pay by 12 monthly instalments please contact the Billing Team on 01827 719357. 

When is my bill generated? March

Can I pay by Direct debit? Yes – this is the recommended and preferred payment method – phone 01827 719357 to arrange. We can set up your direct debit over the phone.  

When are Direct Debits taken from my account? You can select your preferred payment date from 1st of each month, 5th of each month,15th of each month, 25th of each month or weekly on a Friday.

Can I pay by debit card? Yes – if you have a debit card you can pay your council tax 24 hours a day 7 days per week via a dedicated payment line phone 01827 719421 or go to the website and click on Payments and select paying Council Tax. Council Tax Payments page

Can I pay online for my Council Tax? Yes, on our Council Tax Payments page

What payment cards do you accept? Visit our Payment Cards Accepted page

What if I live alone – do I get a discount? Yes – if you are the only adult living in your home, you may be entitled to a 25% single persons discount

What if I am on a low income or unemployed? All working age households will now be expected to pay 8.5% of the amount due before any council tax support is calculated. However pensioners may be eligible for a full discount. Other exemptions and discounts available

What if my circumstances change? You should always notify the Revenues Section immediately if your circumstances change in any way as it may affect the council tax payments that you need to make.

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Can I get my bill electronically? Yes – Sign up to the NWBC portal