Climate change and sustainability are big topics that including many areas such as,

Building and heating our homes
How we generate power
How we travel
The food we eat and how it is produced
What we buy
How we dispose of waste
Our relationship with nature
and many other areas

Because there are so many different ways to reduce emissions, live sustainably and protect our planet we believe there is something for everyone to be involved with.

To help people understand more about how to protect our planet we have put together links to different websites that can provide information, tools and education that can help people make the right choices to reduce our emissions and protect our local area.


A table including educational resources about climate change
Name Description Link
SDG academy Online courses across a range of topics offered by the Sustainable Development Goal Academy SDG Academy | edX
UN CC Online courses across a range of climate themes offered by the United Nations Climate Change Unit One UN Climate Change Learning Partnership xxx Site under going maintenance
Ted Talk:Climate Inspirational talks from a range of global speakers about the causes impacts and solutions to the climate emergency Climate change: Oh, it's real. | TED Talks
United Nations Climate Change Dashboard Articles, news and stories relating to the global effort to halt the climate emergency United Nations Climate Change
Carbon Literacy Project Find courses for individuals, businesses or organisations to understand your role to stop climate change Home - The Carbon Literacy Project
REDD+(Reducing emissions from deforestation and fores degradation in developing countries) Information on how land-use and protecting forests are being used to reduce emissions Home / REDD+ (

Resources, tools and data

A table including tools and resources to better understand and act on climate change
Name Description Link
The Energy Saving Trust Explore a range of ways to reduce energy bills and emissions at home Energy Saving Trust
Solar Panel Calculator This tool can be used to calculate the cost and payback of a solar panel installation Use the solar energy calculator - Energy Saving Trust
Carbon Intensity A map showing how each regions energy is produced on a given day or hour.  Carbon Intensity
Midlands net-zero Hub Many resources to support residents and business to reduce energy bills and emissions Midlands Net Zero Hub
Climate Central Maps and other tools to see how climate change will affect our world Climate Central
Climate Stripes A tool showing how emissions have changed the climate over the years #ShowYourStripes
Climate Clock A timer showing how much time we have to achieve net-zero emissions Climate Clock
NASA - Planetary vitals dashboard A collection of planetary data that shows how global systems are being altered Home – Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet (
The Met-Office Climate Science The UK Met-Office's information and tools to understand climate change in the UK Climate change in the UK - Met Office
Our World in Data Our world in data have numerous charts and graphs to help visualise how climate is changing Search - Our World in Data
WWF UK River Condition Map A map showing all the UK rivers condition UK Rivers Map | WWF
DEFRA Magic maps A variety of maps and layers to understand biodiversity and nature in the UK Magic Map Application (