Electric Vehicles

electric car

Electric Vehicles (EVs) offer a low carbon way to drive, whilst also reducing vehicle noise and air pollutants. EVs are an essential part of the transition to net-zero, and we expect that over the coming years and decades that many, if not all, road vehicles will convert to electric.

The transition to EVs will require a significant change to infrastructure and our behaviour in how we use vehicles. This is because unlike a petrol or diesel vehicle that may be fuelled in minutes, EVs take longer to charge meaning charging vehicles may be left for longer, and drivers spending more time in the area, or charging overnight. This means we must consider things such as the power available at a charging point, the low electrical grid and user demand.

The Council is committed to supporting the transition to net-zero across North Warwickshire and is actively working to expand EV charging in the region to enable more people to access clean, cheap to run vehicles.

To help us identify areas that require greater publicly available EV charging we are asking residents to complete the online consultation form managed by Warwickshire County Council to suggest sites.

Request a new charging point form - https://www.warwickshire.gov.uk/electric-vehicles/request-new-electric-charging-point