About your tenancy

North Warwickshire Borough Council wants to make the Borough a safer place to live and improve the general quality of life for tenants.

At the beginning of your tenancy, you will have signed a tenancy agreement - (available below). Your tenancy agreement is a legally binding contract between you, as a tenant, and us, as your landlord. It sets out what you can expect of us (your rights) and in turn, what we will expect from (your responsibilities).

We use two main types of tenancy, introductory tenancies  and secure tenancies.  If you are not sure which type of tenancy you have, please check your tenancy agreement.

Introductory tenancies - An Introductory Tenancy is a trial period (initially for 12 months but can be extended by the Council to a maximum of 18 months in total), if the tenancy is deemed to have been conducted satisfactorily, the tenancy will automatically become a Secure Tenancy. However, if the Council believes that the conduct of a tenancy has been unsatisfactory, it may be terminated by the Council, and possession should be granted by the Court, if the process has been followed correctly.

It is anticipated that the majority of Introductory Tenancies will automatically become a Secure Tenancy after the first 12 months so long as the tenant has not broken the tenancy conditions and Council has not started legal action to take back the property.

Secure tenancies - If you have a secure tenancy, you can stay in your home for as long as you choose, provided you do not breach any of the terms of your tenancy (for example by not paying your rent or by causing a nuisance to your neighbours).