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Coronavirus Housing Updates

Repairs Service

Following Government guidance, in order to safeguard our tenants and staff, the response repairs service will only be undertaking essential visits to tenants’ homes to ensure health, safety and security. Improvement works have been put on hold for the moment.

If you call and report a repair that is not an emergency or urgent we will ask you to call back when Government guidance changes and our appointments service is available again

It is a legal requirement for us to do annual safety checks on boilers and emergency and urgent repairs.

Appointments will be made for your annual boiler safety check as usual. Please co-operate with the visit for the safety of your household.

When you report a repair we will assess whether it is essential for the team to attend. If it is we will arrange for a tradesman to visit. We will advise you of the timescale of our visit based on the information you provide and dependent on our staff resources at the time of your call.

When we visit we will take special precautions to protect you and our team from the COVID 19 Virus.

Our Customers Services Team will ask you:

  • If you or anyone in your household is suffering from a persistent cough or fever
  • If you or your household are self isolating for 7 or 14 days
  • If you or any of your family have been advised that you are part of the group being shielded
  • If you or anyone in your household has recently been in contact with anyone with suspected corona virus COVID 19
  • If you or anyone in your household has recently been in contact with anyone confirmed corona virus COVID 19

Please be honest in your response to these enquiries. It will help us to protect our tenants and our team in the manner that Government has requested.

In any circumstance, when we visit, we will ask you to open the door when our tradesman arrives and then move into a room and shut the door so that you have no physical contact with the tradesman.

If you do have an emergency in your home please ensure that you can protect yourself and the property by knowing:

  • Where the water stop cock is and whether it is working. This needs to be turned off quickly if there is a leak.
  • Where your electricity consumer board is and how to switch it off. You can call Western Power on 0800 096 3080 if you are concerned about your electricity supply.
  • Where your utility meters are and the telephone number of your utility company. If you suspect a gas leak please call 0800 111 999 immediately.
  • During this difficult time please help us by acting to keep your home in good repair. We are receiving more requests to clear toilets and drains than normal. Reduced staff levels means that we may not be able to visit to clear the drain for some hours. To help us please ensure that your household only puts toilet paper down the toilet. If you use wet wipes or other material you must dispose of these hygienically but not down the toilet as it will cause blockages.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Essential/Emergency Repairs

These are repairs where a delay in fixing them is likely to cause a serious health or safety risk or any repair that needs attention to prevent further harm to the property. We will make the problem safe and restore essential services, if possible, within 24 hours. We will carry out a permanent repair during normal working hours.

Emergency repairs include:

  • dangerous electrical faults
  • total loss of power/lights
  • major plumbing faults (e.g. where flooding occurs)
  • making homes secure (e.g. boarding up, temporary make safe to doors and windows)
  • blocked sewers or shared drains that are the Group’s responsibility
  • severe water or roof leaks where uncontrollable, causing damage to interior (weather dependent)
  • roof repairs

Urgent repairs include

  • water leaks
  • constantly running overflows
  • total failure of door entry systems
  • communal light repairs (where there is potential risk)
  • WC repairs (including no flush)
  • repairs to doors and windows, where security is at risk
  • badly leaking wash hand basin, bath or sink traps
  • total heating and hot water failures
  • partial heating failure